Capabilities Limited

London, Cambridge and Wales

Capabilities Limited

Capabilities Limited is a consultancy based in London, Cambridge and Wales specialising in capability security. The founders and staff have extensive experience in industry and academia and have been instrumental in various security and privacy projects, including CHERI, OpenSSL and Certificate Transparency.


Capabilities Limited was founded by Professor Robert N. M. Watson and Mr Ben Laurie in 2011.

Prof. Robert Watson is a Director of Capabilities Limited, and also Professor of Systems, Security, and Architecture and the Principal Investigator (PI) leading development of CHERI at the University of Cambridge and SRI International. CHERI is the subject of a £187M UKRI research programme, Digital Security by Design, which is developing the Arm Morello processor, System-on-Chip, and board. He is a strong advocate of, and contributor to, open-source software, including being a FreeBSD developer, and board member (and past President) of the FreeBSD Foundation. He is a coauthor of the Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System (Second Edition).

Ben Laurie is a Director of Capabilities Limited, and also technical lead in security in Google Research. He has played a significant role in creating a number of key open-source projects including the Apache Software Foundation and OpenSSL, and has been involved in the creation of the CHERI ISA.


Capabilities Limited has contracted with a number of major tech companies to support their use of open-source software for security, and has recently completed a research and development project for UK Research and Innovation as part of the Digital Security by Design programme.


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